Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Geddy Lee

The "Ben Affleck Curse" is something that was recently brought to my attention, and it made me chuckle. Since 'Good Will Hunting' opened in 1998, the Boston Red Sox have lost 13 straight games that fall on noted Sox fan Ben Affleck's birthday, including Wednesday's 3-5 loss to the Baltimore Orioles. I find this both hilarious and fitting, and it got me thinking:
"I wonder how the Blue Jays did on Geddy Lee's birthday?"
It makes sense: he's a huge Jays fan, he can be spotted at the dome sitting in the seats behind home plate when Rush isn't rockin' out on tour.

As it turns out, the Jays have done better than the Red Sox do on Ben's big day - not great, but not all that bad. The worst Geddy had to deal with was a ten game stretch from an off day in 1996 to a 8-9 loss in 2006 where they did not win a game. Nothing compared to the suck-hole of 13 straight games that Affleck is mired in.

How's about them apples!

Overall, their record on his birthday is 12-18, with five off days and one game missed in 1981 because of the strike. Thankfully his birthday doesn't fall in the middle of January, otherwise this would have been an exercise in futility.

Speaking of futility:

While putting this together, I decided to see how the Jays fared on MY birthday, October 15th. That's a different story altogether:

I think I know what to ask for from now on.

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