Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Time to extract the LOL from Orioles

At some point last night, after the rain came down inside the SkyDome, and the Orioles put the screws to the Triple-A Blue Jays, Matthew Kory from Baseball Prospectus and Over the Monster tweeted the following:

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It reminded me of a very appropriate graphic from a Getting Blanked post early in the year, when the OriLOLes were lulzing it up by getting kicked out of South Korea and firing their entire scouting staff. The graphic, created by Matt English, was perfect for the laugh-a-minute Marylanders.

That was before the season started.

Going into tonight`s game, the Baltimore Orioles were tied for first in the AL East. Sure, they gave up three runs on an error by Adam Jones tonight, and fell one game behind the Yankees. Yeah, their run differential is -21, they carry a below average wRC+ (93), and their team has committed the most errors in the American League. Good lord, though, they are 16 games above .500, they are winning close games, and they stand to make the playoffs for the first time since 1997 - 15 years ago. So I think Matthew Kory is right.

It`s time to extract the LOL from the Orioles:

Photoshop is fun
...and then next season, when they fall back to earth, we can go right back to making fun of them. I promise, we`ll jam the LOL right back in there and everything will be back to normal.

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