Saturday, August 20, 2011


When the Blue Jays have week-long west coast road trips, I fall asleep late in the game, usually around the 7th or 8th inning. This usually leads to baseball related dreams and panic at 3 in the morning, when I can't quite read the already-too-small box score on my too-small-for-late-night-score-reading 13" TV (I have entered, but obviously haven't won yet).

I noticed something on the latest road trip; when I fall asleep, nothing changes. I realize that my sleeping habits have no influence on the outcome of a game, much like an announcer commenting on a pitcher's no-hit bid is not going to start a rally by the opposing team, but one can dream, no? If my sleep cycle did affect the outcome, I could have turned in a lot earlier after the repeat performance of the Harden/Cecil show (in fact, I could have just said "I watched this game last Tuesday, didn't I?" and continued to watch Invader Zim on Nick). I should have gone to bed before the bullpen threw up all over the Jays' slim lead on Monday night, but no, I had to stay up to watch Jon Rauch give himself appendicitis. Once I did fall asleep, I tossed and turned all night with the words "small sample size" running through my head. Strange.

I also had two Blue Jay specific dreams this week, both of which will never come true. One was that the Jays would continue to win, while the Yankees and Red Sox split the rest of their games. That happened on Thursday night, just a day before the aforementioned Cecil v. Harden revisit. Thanks a lot A's.

The second dream was more about the division in which the Jays play - the AL East. I dreamt that instead of outright realignment, the Red Sox and Yankees would be forced to rotate divisions on an annual basis. That dream will never be realized, because as much as I hate those teams, they put butts in seats at the Skydome. It would be about as successful as putting the Detroit Red Wings in the Eastern Conference of the NHL. (That last sentence should be read: "It would be successful, but GMs from other teams will fight it tooth and nail because it would mean less money at their gate.")

So tonight is another late(ish) night game, the last one of the season, and I await the baseball sandman (Not Mariano Rivera - that would be creepy) to see what other wacky stuff I can come up with. That poses an interesting question. Does the baseball sandman use dirt from the warning track? If so, I think he needs to pay a visit to the Skydome to show the Jays' front office what it looks like.

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