Sunday, July 3, 2011

I F***ing love Jon Rauch

He's going to eat you, and your mother and your dragon. That's what he has for breakfast. If you're an umpire and you're wrong, he's going to eat you next. Oh, he's going to eat your dragon first. Because he's just that big.

By all means, watch the video and tell me that your dragon can win a match against this beast. If you're lucky, your dragon is his breakfast.

It took one manager, three bench coaches and a catcher to restrain the beast that is Jon Rauch. In the end, only Jon Rauch could contain Jon Rauch. I would hate to be his intestines right now. They must be full of maple syrup, hate and logic.

Jon Rauch eats Dragons.


Paul said...
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Pollywog said...


Never again will I be able to look at those Tory Spelling eyes the same way. He eats DRAGONS!